One vision

We're two founders with one mission; to make money while creating a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Stefan Rust

Founder, Managing Director


Alyssa Aaron

Co-founder, Partner


This isn't our first rodeo, but it may be the most fulfilling. We've captained startups. We've led billion-dollar businesses. And we've done it all through times of major industrial transformation.

Track Record

Here are just a few of the recent companies we've worked with, invested in and built.

Sun Microsystems Bank of America Nest VC Exicon Seeds Hypha

Anyone that gets a chance to work with Stefan is in for an amazing journey filled with tremendous upside and success.

Brian J. Esposito

Founder of E.I.E.

Our advisors

We are supported by visionary leaders in blocktech and ESG tokenization.

Alan Laubsch

Listed the world’s first mangrove and carbon credit backed digital token. Founding member of RiskMetrics through IPO on NYSE and sale to MSCI.


Ran Neuner

World’s first cryptocurrency newscaster on CNBC. Led market activation for MPesa in Africa. Successful exit of TCC.


Good company

Here are a few of the global brands our advisors have influenced.

J.P. Morgan CNBC Crypto Trader RiskMetrics Group Lykke Seeds

Our Investment Thesis

Dig deeper into our insights and vision. Learn exactly where the large-scale opportunities are and who's already capitalizing on them.


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