Opportunity of a lifetime

Be a part of ushering in tomorrow's environmental billionaires.

Tokenized Equity

We've lowered the barrier to entry for venture capital as an asset class. In the past, only a select few could take advantage of early valuations. This evolution of private equity will give more people access to tomorrow's unicorns before they list.

Automated dividends

The world is starting to experience the benefits of programmable money, and we're taking that to the next level. Our smart contract system distributes earnings directly to your wallet in the form of USDC.

Transparent governance

Venture capital funds are notoriously opaque when it comes to the investment process. But the automation and smart contracts that come with our tokenization give you the power to participate in both the deal nomination and approval process of our investments.

Secured holdings

Undeployed funds will be invested in some of the most secure cryptocurrency financial instruments available. We've selected a blend of insured earn partners, non-custodial staking services and fully-audited yield farming smart contracts.

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Our Investment Thesis

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John Chambers

CEO of Cisco, USA