We back the dreamers

We invest in the bold entrepreneurs that are using technology to drive profitable impact.

Wielding the power of DeFi

Saving the planet is big business. The technology making this possible—and profitable—are blockchains, tokenization and mobile. Our people are building the picks and shovels for this coming gold rush.

We're a whole new breed

We're bringing an entirely new attitude to this space. We believe that blocktech and tokens are irrelevant until they're consumerized. User experience is everything. We're creating a future where saving your planet and engaging with your community feels effortless.

It’s about time that we stopped talking about the costs of fighting climate change and instead looked at the economic opportunity in addressing it.

Tim O'Reilly

Founder and CEO, O'Reilly Media

The Blueprint

This is exactly how we're applying decentralized technology to solve ESG challenges.


Tokenization of environmental assets to enable individuals to invest in the planet.


Creating mobile apps that drive social inclusion and consumerization.


Leveraging the blockchain as a truth machine for absolute transparency.


Billions are being spent on ESG and we're helping founders create the bedrock on which it's all built.

Our Investment Thesis

Dig deeper into our insights and vision. Learn exactly where the large-scale opportunities are and who's already capitalizing on them.


A small but powerful team

We boast decades of insight and experience. Get to know the personalities behind the world-changing vision of Sonic Capital.

Our Team